About Us

We are a modern Medical Clinic

420 clinic in Rochester with a difference

We are a leading 420 clinic in Rochester with a constant aim to transform the landscape of health in New York. Our clinic has a team of highly certified doctors that operate with a constant aim to serve you in the best of capacity. We understand that the country is going through a challenging time and wish to bring a positive change in society through our expertise and care.

In the past, we have served hundreds of patients and brought a positive change in their health. All our 420 doctors in Rochester are highly certified and licensed to provide you with the most accurate care possible. Our attention to detail and compassionate care separates us from the rest. This makes us highly desirable in the pool of prospective cannabis users.

Our Mission

It’s our constant mission to transform the landscape of medicine through the power of cannabis. We see marijuana as a tool to bring a positive change in health in a smooth and effective manner. We understand that quality of life banks on the idea of good health and we wish to be a medium of that change for people.

Access to cannabis in New York had been a long battle until it was legalized. We constantly aim to offer convenience to people in accessing a medical marijuana card in Rochester. We leverage the power of telemedicine to provide patients with an easy way to undergo evaluations. In the future, we want to simplify the process further and make it more relevant to the needs of people.

Our Vision

As a 420 clinic in Rochester, we visualize a society where cannabis is viewed with an increased acceptance and positive lens. We can surely see it shining bright in the eyes of people but a certain stigma still exists. This is mainly because there is lack of knowledge about using marijuana in the right way for your health.